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Growth Mixtape Podcast with Bob Mathers

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Listen to my conversations with the most interesting people you may not have come across yet. These conversations might not seem to have a lot in common at first. But just like songs on a mixtape, they create something memorable and emotional. So, let's press play and see what we learn about ourselves.

I'm Bob Mathers, host of the Growth Mixtape podcast. I love chasing my curiosity; the further from my comfort zone, the better. I find the most powerful ideas, the ones that compel us to do bold things, happen by accident.  

It is these unexpected collisions that I’m excited to explore in this new podcast. These conversations always give me new insights I never would have gotten from other experts in my field.

Please join me for stories from leaders in business, the sciences, academia and the arts. My goal in every episode is to provide you with a surprising insight that you can apply right now to get unstuck and start building the business and the life you've always wanted.